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UI/UX Designers

Award Winning UI/UX designers you can count on to deliver the ultimate user experience to enhance sales and keep customers returning.

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Product Description

Create great experiences for your users with improved UI/UX. Award Winning UI/UX designers you can count on to deliver the ultimate user experience to enhance sales and keep customers returning.  

Who is this for - This service is perfect for SMEs or enterprise businesses looking to improve their website UI/UX to meet their marketing and business goals and sales strategy. You may want to redesign your website in line with your rebrand or increase your traffic, generate more leads, and add superior functionality and technical innovation to improve the stickiness of your product, user experience and adoption.

How it works 

Your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign, so it's important that your users love the experience they have while using your application or when finding the information key to them. The experience should be seamless and should always follow UI/UX Principles. 

Allow your users to navigate your website more easily and increase time spent on your application, increase adoption and sales - Our experienced UX/UI design team take care of all usability factors of your website, taking care of the hierarchy of functionality and information that your website shall contain, mapping this out in an information hierarchy which shall be used to create the new application site map. 

Step 1 Research
At this stage, we take your requirements and information from our meetings and from here, we will ascertain what components and features to include in the design and how we should present these for optimum user engagement and experience. 

Step 2 UX
We then apply our research to create the hierarchy and user flow diagram that shall display the entire journey a user shall take when using the online application. We shall then wireframe the application screens showing how elements will display on the screen to ensure all aspects of the navigation and user journey flow logically from start to end based on your product goals. 

Step 3 UI
Once the wireframe has been signed off, we will concentrate on the application’s visual design and how the content will be visually displayed for improved engagement on each screen, delivering a cohesive product style. While taking account of the look of the user interface and how users will interact with each step of the application through static design elements and graphics.

Your business goals will determine the scale of your UI/UX redesign, but a usual starting point for our UX/UI redesign support is £3599 excluding VAT but please do send us an email with your full brief so that we can send you a detailed quote based on your exact requirements.


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