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Database Development

Database optimisation and database development 

How we helped Explori’s platform and analytical systems increase their efficiency by developing the software in a way that made their system more functional and quicker to use. Explori is a feedback platform and a full-service research agency, and so their ability to obtain clear data sets and have a fully functioning data analytical system is imperative to their day-to-day business dealings.


The brief

We were contracted out as a development team to fix an issue regarding the ineffectiveness of the existing analytics software.

What we did  

database development Brainiac Media tasked its team of Software Developers to head this project due to the nature of the task. The inefficiency of their existing system was extensive and their software needed work done to it that reflected this. By improving the speed of the system used to extract their data we were able to increase the pace at which they deliver their findings to their clients. This in turn, positively affected their clients’ perception of them and was used to lay a sense of credibility necessary to building customer relations and adoption of their system.

Providing them with an improved analytical system for their survey data positively impacted their business and the way they work. With a better analytical system, paired with their fasted data extraction system, Explori improved their internal team efficiency as their employees, who utilised the system for day-to-day purposes, were able to carry out their duties in a way that was much more efficient. 

These changes allowed Explori to target their audience with more success, tackle their jobs with greater ease and improve their ability to deliver. Delivering on what you promise to your client is essential, this much is obvious, but actually being able to do it is sometimes something else entirely, slow and outdated systems can wreak havoc on productivity and we were happy to have been able to improve this vital element of the clients business. 

These types of updates and changes that occur behind the scenes are just as, if not more, essential than the cosmetic changes and updates of the aesthetics of a website. Although often unnoticed by clients, these kinds of positive changes to your internal software can set you up on a revitalised path of growth and success as in Explori’s case. 

So, although often unnoticed by clients these changes are crucial. If you notice a fault, lag or insufficiency in the software which is necessary to your business it is important that you contact a professional who can help bridge this gap between where you are and where you would like to be because oftentimes these situations stagnate businesses. This stagnation can lead to the fall of any business whose needs are not being met by the software they utilise.

In conclusion, Explori was able to not just get back on track but get on a brand new path. Their business was reinvigorated, and so was their team, by just an upgrade in software. So now they can get back to what’s important: their clients and their growth at a much larger scale.

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