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How to plan a website redesign project

How to plan a website redesign 


Are you contemplating redesigning your website, perhaps you need new and improved functionality or want to showcase your products and services in a more sophisticated way; whatever the reason the main thing to make sure of is that your new site performs well by building a website your visitors will use. 

The user experience must be seamless, and your new site must be fast and responsive to keep your users from leaving to find one of your competitors. It's important to anticipate and respond to your users needs and provide a smooth experience across your website, while also appropriately reflecting your brand's look and feel. 

When planning a website redesign, we encourage our clients to keep the following in mind:

Keep your user journey at the forefront of your redesign 

The simplest way to ensure your user journey flows seamlessly is to create yourself a site map. If you're hiring an agency to build your website, have their inhouse team of UX/UI designers create a written outline of functionality and workflow. Here at Brainiac Media our designers work with you to determine what kind of functions need to be present and the best way to display that information to keep your users engaged. You can find out more about how our web designers architect and deliver the best user experience for our clients here

A key takeaway is that a great website is all about creating an online experience that transforms your users into followers and your customers into brand ambassadors; having a website that keeps users returning is an important factor for success. 

Remember your audience 

Throughout the redesign stage it's important to always come back to the question of whether the new design speaks to your audience - otherwise you could end up with a website that’s off brand and lacks connection, resulting in low conversion rates and a high bounce rate once it’s up and live.

To help prevent this ask yourself if you were a user on your website what would you want from the website? What tools and functionality could the website provide to meet your needs? What actions are you likely to want to take? and what content will be needed?

When approaching a website redesign we tell our clients to focus on the user experience. We then weave their brand and business voice into the look and feel of the website through visual elements, colour and typography. If you follow that process throughout the design stage your website’s end results will always meet your users needs and ultimately your business goal. 

Need help with your website redesign? 

We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful experiences. We design simple to use websites that are compelling and functional, and that are easy for users to navigate and find the information they’re looking for. If you need help with your website redesign contact us today for a free discovery session. 

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